martial arts reviews

See what people all over the Colorado Springs (and Woodland Park, Fountain, Falcon, Security-Widefield) area are saying about American Kenpo Karate School

martial arts reviews

As a returning student from over 12 years, I couldn’t be more excited every week to get back into class and get down to business. This place welcomes you like family and treats you as such. I have people always willing to jump in and teach me stuff to sharpen my skills. Mr. Coppock and the rest of the staff are the best (in my opinion) and I’m truly glad I got back into it.

—Dakota Mowers
martial arts reviews

I have been a student of this style since 1997. Eventhough life and personal resources have strayed me away from being a regular student, the principles and lifestyle that Don Shelstad, David Coppock, Professor Sepulveda and our worldwide American Kenpo Karate family keep every student steadfast. There is always a longing to get back to class. Always will be. Thank you Mr Coppock for always willing to ‘ring my bell’. It keeps me in tune.

—Brent McClay

martial arts reviews
My son has been taking classes from Mr. Coppock for almost 5 years and I could not imagine brining him anywhere else. Mr. Coppock is great with kids and adults. He has the patients to really work with kids like no one I have ever seen. My son loves Mr. Coppock and will be taking classes for a very long time.
—George Brace

American Kenpo Karate School Reviews

Here you’ll see what lots of other people in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas (like Woodland Park, Fountain, Falcon, Security-Widefield) are saying about  American Kenpo Karate School.

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