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If you’re looking for the absolute BEST way to build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility, and gain a greater sense of peace and quiet self-confidence in the Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Fountain, Falcon, Security-Widefield areas, Fitness classes at American Kenpo Karate School is your answer!

In our totally unique, “Lean and Mean” Fitness Classes, you’ll not only get into amazing shape, you’ll learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones in virtually any situation.

Imagine rocking your new swimsuit on the beach, or owning the room when you dress to impress!

You’ll look and feel great, and gain total confidence as American Kenpo Karate School helps you build a killer body in our Ultimate Fitness classes!

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Look at what students are saying
Such an amazing instructor! I’ve just been doing sparring with him every time I have time to do it. He is a very welcoming person! Highly recommended his classes! Great man!
-Chris Flower
We have been going to AKKS for almost five years now and we love it! I would not take my kids anywhere else for martial arts.  AKKS offers a fun, family-friendly learning experience and the owner/instructor, Dave Coppock, is extremely patient and knowledgeable. It is great to know you are learning from someone who holds multiple world championship titles and also teaches real-world, common sense techniques to help you learn good self defense.  Whether you are looking at martial arts as a sport, for tournaments, or for self defense Mr. Coppock has you covered. He also teaches kick-boxing so I am able to get my workout in at the same place my kids are practicing karate.
-Sarah Glenn